Counseling and Psychotherapy in RI

Elaine R.Poncelet,LICSW 

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Maybe you are  contemplating some change in your life ...or perhaps you are feeling motivated and ready to take some action. It is not always an easy decision! 

​​Sometimes even your best efforts to solve your problems are not enough. Conflicts continue in your relationship with your spouse or partner despite trying to work them out; or you continue to struggle with your symptoms of anxiety and depression. You've attempted to find solutions to  juggling family, everyday life demands , the stress of the workplace ,or an unexpected change in your life............but often  just  feel overwhelmed, exhausted and without direction.  

In my psychotherapy practice, I work  with individuals  and couples, helping you  focus on your needs and strengths as well as utilizing new strategies and choices which can lead to positive change............improving your mood, your relationships, coping better with daily life or functioning more effectively in the workplace. Generally working together with my  clients to help them  feel   stronger and happier .

I am a licensed clinical social worker (LICSW) and chemical dependency professional (LCDP) with a Masters degree in Social Work from

Boston University. I have been a practicing clinician for more than 20 years. 

If you would like to schedule an appointment,please give me a call today at

(401) 294-9500. 

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Elaine Poncelet